Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Life without this stuff--day, ummm, must be 5 now--still sucks. I'm trying to revamp my healthiness wholeheartedly, sticking to only whole grains, no refined sugars or starches. Slight exception for refined sugars and caffeine for very small amounts of chocolate--mostly I really still crave diet cola and I still really want a daily cigarette or two no matter how long I go without. Pray for me--my pain levels are through the roof and I'm dragging--usually I only have one or the other, maybe because the pain keeps me awake, but apparently, without caffeine, it doesn't. Still, the anti-caffeine crowd insists that giving it up is one of the biggest health/sleep differences you can make for yourself, so I'm trying. Hard. Next winter when I'm wolfing bagels and mocha lattes to keep warm and fat in a Northern winter, don't remind me of this.

These are funny

Why this business sucks for workin' girls

nsfw links follow:
I don't understand this. You find a real girl then dress her up like a doll? Aren't dolls for when you don't have a real girl available? ...Actually, in intense D&S to the point of objectification play I can see it. But this takes fetishism to a different level. I never say never, mind.


Did you hear about the prostitute who specialized in bondage?

...She was strapped for cash.

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