Sunday, November 12, 2006

Owwwwwwwwwwww. (heh.)

This is nice of them. And a belated Happy Veteran's Day to my favorite vets (you know who you are. If you're a vet who's stumbled by, then I wish you the same).

Here's a nice debate. I wouldn't want my polling place in a church, synagogue, mosque, or any other inherently-religious place. Legally, I'm sure the sign is the bigger issue. There were some campaigners a legal distance from the poll here on the street corner, and I was annoyed and uncomfortable that they started hassling me post-vote about who I'd voted for; even had I voted for their candidate, my response ("I'd prefer not to discuss who I voted for") would have been the same, though of course they assumed from the response that I had voted for The Other Guy.

Sometimes, the internet is a small world. This article immediately reminded me of this AskMeFi (I'm sure not coincidentally--the back stories are too similar--but read them both and then draw conclusions if you're going to). (The link to the article on this weekend's edition of Clicked refers to blaming racism on drunkenness, reminding me of the song "Your Racist Friend"--"He let the contents of the bottle do the thinking/can't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding").


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