Monday, November 13, 2006

A food post

It's late at night, and I've had a snack, which is contrary to my usual habit, but a couple pieces of sausage that were in the fridge allow me to surf without fear of getting hungry when I run into a bunch of food news.

By the bye, if the weather forecast says it's going down to -15F, just go ahead and plug in the damn car, or it'll just go down to -30 and let you panic about the fact that your car isn't plugged in. It's fine, thank you for asking. But still.

Now, on to news of the comestible...

Well... umm... thanks for clearing that up.

Is it REALLY double the Stuf? (from)

While we're at Tasting Menu, this was too funny

Not food but service-related: Waiter, as usual, serves up an awesome story; I can't wait for his book.

(The above is crossposted to my other blog, there followed by some chatter about my job)

Not food related, still cool: This shirt rocks

This, oddly, is food/service related. It's a theme today. And also the first time I can remember getting really annoyed at a PVP storyline. I am sure Mr. Kurtz is going to have Jade punished for what she and Sam are about to do here, but skipping out on your check is (1) probably a theft of goods and services worse on a dollar level than a regular shoplift (yet people see it as a prank and not on the same level as stealing) and (2) likely to really screw a server as well as the restaurant. I've had a friend fired because of a table skipping out on the check and known servers at some places who had to cover the cost of the meal--you're going to skip out and possibly have someone who in most states is making $2.13/hr plus tips have to spend her entire day's tips paying for your lunch? There's a special place in hell for you, then. (Where "you" is anyone who purposely skips out on a check, not anyone in particular).

Well, bedtime again. I'm trying hard to keep positive. There are a lot of thoughts. I don't always know how. I'm happy and grateful for Spirit. But I really don't want to live in this area and I knew moving away from the doctor I had would be hell, and I've had some very upsetting thoughts rattling around in my head. But I'll get through.

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