Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I liked the old Technorati better. Why do we have to "improve" everything?

The easiest way to handle the money thing is to change the sizes.

Ummm YEAH!

This stuff makes me want to check out Second Life, but I don't think I have the hours to spend in a game right now.

The real Gay Agenda


Loving your work is awesome. RIP.

Random thought: It's scary how much the Saved by the Bell/Good Morning, Miss Bliss (anyone else remember when SbtB: The Early Years was on The Disney Channel as GMMB, back when Disney was a pay channel?) kids looked the same at 24 as at 12. (OK, maybe not Dustin Diamond, but definitely the other two who were on the first and last episodes).

Um, dude? FCC-enforced codes of conduct are not voluntary.

Australia to pay for the HPV vaccine. The ages are a little older than for the recommendations here. Is that a cultural difference in the children, or the government and researching doctors?


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