Friday, November 03, 2006


Wisdom from the office.

Too tired for a real post. I've been reading a lot. Right now I'm reading Frank McCourt's Teacher Man. I love his books. He's so down-to-earth and surprised by his own success. I used to hate most nonfiction, but now probably close to a quarter of my reading (actually, counting magazines, over half, and counting newspapers--online or paper--even more than that--for argument's sake, I'd include the magazines but not the news articles--thoughts?) is nonfiction--usually biographies or science-related materials, but sometimes just interesting subjects from the new-release display (I grabbed The Emperors of Chocolate a few years back from the new release rack in my library. It's a must-read for all chocoholics and people who are interested in candy, history, or the history of candy).

Well, that's almost a real post. After Teacher Man, Bob Newhart's new book! This week's pile is a little headier than last's. The two biographies, The Thrall's Tale, and an older novel called The Gospel of Judas (I emphasize that it's an older novel, because I found it when looking for the new translation of the actual gospel).

Happy reading, everyone.

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