Wednesday, November 08, 2006

An addendum

Read this.

This is why I have trouble with the Republican Party, and generally would vote independently rather than vote Republican unless I am very convinced of an individual.

Many, many Republicans--even those in power--do not believe this way, or at least not in political terms. I have had deep conversations with several, even in the heart of the Bible Belt, who were Libertarian at heart and would have welcomed a return to the Republican ideals of old, of small government socially as well as economically, and I respect that.

But these same people always ended those deep and respectable conversations with a comment that they cannot be seen on the record as having the beliefs they do, because their party no longer believes in the freedom of the individual rather than the rule of the word of God, to be enforced by law where individuals do not choose to live a life according to a certain brand of Christianity's interpretation of proper moral living.

And half the country believes that way.

I don't think the sort of mood I've been in should have been leading up to an important midterm election. I've taken 3 pepcid already tonight and my throat is still burning with acid.

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