Saturday, May 27, 2006

On fonts: I'm for this. I use Century Gothic most of the time, precisely because I find it most readable on-screen for my own uses (and eyeballs)

Clueless is on (and nothing else--I've burnt on Fresh Prince after a solid week, though I do love Geoffrey), so I'm watching, and I'm thinking, am I the only person on the planet who liked Brittany Murphy better like this?

Ugh. This bothers me more than I'd think it would.


Ew... (via)

No shit (also an answer to the fuckwads who say "Money doesn't buy happiness" or "Money doesn't keep you from having problems, it just dresses them up/changes the scenery--Yeah, and keeps you from wondering whether you're going to pay the credit card you had to take out to make sure you had food and a working car to get to work, or buy enough food for the next couple weeks, or if you're going to be able to find decent housing when your lease is up)

Not even fair

On this story--bloggers are pegging it as a dumb crook story, but I am 95% certain there's more to it. Scenarios I find most likely: Guy wanted to be in prison or to be heard by the courts for other reasons (likely reasons: guy is ill and can't afford treatment/medicine, guy is overburdened by finances and has decided that surviving is worth his freedom, guy has something really important to say), or guy had Alzheimer's or another mental disorder and really didn't know what he was doing or couldn't control his impulses. It's clear, at least, that he didn't hurt anyone, or want to. Note, I'm not saying this means he should get off. It just means I'd be more interested in hearing what he or his doctors have to say than the punditry that abounds online.


This bears reading.


This stuff makes me feel anxious--all financial things are making me anxious right now, until I can get it all together, budget, and take care of a couple things. Please, O Lord in Heaven, O Goddess His Child and Consort, let our marriage happen without delay or hitch, so that we can get it all together. Still, has some mortgage calculators that might be useful if I have the stomach.

(But THOSE abortions are natural, therefore GOD'S WILL!)

More than you ever wanted to know about Jell-O shots
(that second link is sorta pretty)

is hysterical, but fetish uses occur to me (OK, not 600+ condoms, but enough to totally nullify sensation there? I'll suggest to some domme friends--I'm not the dominant one in my sphere)

Well, I promised someone a story, so I had better get cracking. Love to all (Mwah!)

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