Tuesday, May 09, 2006

28 years on the Billboard charts...

Saving gas



Fuck that.

I wonder if they could do a good study on those who're bi, or else offer testing to see which way they lean--or those with gender identity issues or who feel that they lean "opposite" and see how they respond to sex hormones.

Even if you're still significantly overweight, anyone who calls a 110lb weight-loss a "failure" needs to think again.

They call it "Internet"

Mad Jack

Am I the only girl who, as a teenager, went for the most explicit "romance" novels I could find? On the other hand, how is this different from letting teenagers read Penthouse Letters? Are they going to keep teenagers from buying "erotic novels" when "romance novels" are OK? I like the part in that second article about some woman's husband complaining to the author or publisher because her book was the filthiest thing he'd ever seen. (1) get out from the rock, dude. (2) no one forced her to read or buy it, maybe you should be dealing with her, and not the people who write that stuff. Some of us like our smut.

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