Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The first reaction I have to this is, "ick." The second: But I was sexually aware at 12 and active not long after, and smart enough to seek out condoms, etc. Third: We've redefined "pedophilia" in a way that renders it meaningless. Attraction to anyone below the age of consent? Please, tell me there are no girls on the birthday one year before the age of consent in your area that you find sexually attractive, but who will become magically attractive one year from today? Pedophilia has to do with sexual desire for the prepubescent, not the underaged. And few even twelve-year-olds are prepubescent these days. Not that I find it especially normal for an adult to be sexually attracted to twelve-year-olds... but not admitting that you might find a fourteen-year-old sexy, even if you wouldn't act on it because of a difference in power and a sheer "ick" factor, is to deny human nature.

My horoscope today: Sagittarius
The curtain comes up on the backstage goings on around you today, and the exposure will be very educational. A big mystery is finally solved -- much of what you thought was true isn't really -- and you need to ask for more than a few explanations. Anger isn't an inherently bad emotion -- if you feel it today, use it to help you stay focused on what you need to do. Act maturely and responsibly, but above all, take care of yourself and move on if you need to move on.

Seems to be about 2 days late. Actually I'm a scosagius. But it sums up my weekend rather well. The anger isn't related to the first part, despite what you'd think. More hormones and anticipation and frustration that in getting through this last month I know I'll be out of contact with Spirit a lot more of the time... and that makes me feel lost... and at waiting for money transfers to finish so I can get more done, and at the impotence I feel for never having been able to put my full thought forward at work.

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