Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Crime doesn't pay?

See, I'm not the only one wondering how Saved By the Bell got on Cartoon Network

Well, of course atheism is a mainstream religion.

21st time's the charm

While some are deeply saddened by their need for ED medications at a younger age (than Bob Dole, I guess), the same drugs are becoming a major player as college-aged young men's street drugs. Spirit has had some moments of needing them while we got him stable on Androgel, and let me tell you, I understand why--this is a man who can drive me to the heights of ecstasy without ever touching me, just with his eyes and his voice, who is well-endowed naturally and knows how to use what he has like an artist knows how to use a brush, and the enhancement of the experience in terms of size and hardness was still worth me teasing him about feeding them to him recreationally.

I'm watching Defending Your Life on Encore Love Stories. Man, I hope this isn't the way the afterlife works. I've been guided by fear far too often--but then, with Spirit, I did the brave thing--whatever I tell anyone, I wouldn't have left my ex if I hadn't fallen in love with Spirit, because again, I would have been ruled by fear--but I took a leap of faith, and that's what courage is about, sometimes. No, I couldn't have had a happy and fulfilling life where I was--but I could've been secure.

Spirit, meditate before your BP readings. You might get to get off the Atenolol. I'm serious about the yoga.

OK then--the punchline isn't what I thought it was--watch where they're bombing on the map, not the words. Duh.

Short power in martial arts--interesting documentary

Free streaming Napster

Women's sex study

"Loyalty Day?"

It's Masturbation Month! Come as you are.

This assertion runs contrary to popular wisdom.

CNN on Good Vibrations


Online. Karaoke.
'Nuff said.

Would you rat your friends out for $50 over a little protest dope? I really like to hope that I wouldn't.

Online video guide. Now, time for me to cook and clean some more. Ugh.

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