Tuesday, May 02, 2006

An adult moment

Kids, stop reading now.

Part of me really wants to start a sex blog just so I can join the Sugasm. Reality is that, while the outlet would likely help me, I'm exhausted and in pain just from doing the groceries (and sick from eating, again--Honestly, I did have some caffeine--no one at the mall sold water bottles and I hate just ordering an ice cup--but I got a small combo meal at the new Chinese place, and shared it with the five-year-old who's been eating like a horse, and gave him half that drink as well. When won't it hurt to eat again? I took my Antivert and everything...). So, I don't have the creative energy to write the fantasies in my head. When Spirit comes home, he keeps my body too actively engaged in my fantasies for me to write about them. But seriously, I learn a lot reading the sugasm posts (aside from having my prurient interests engaged and imagination fired). (I'd never have thought about either nettles or ginger as sex toys before I started reading Sugasm faithfully--and I read a lot on BDSM and other adult subjects aside from the blogosphere).

(also interesting)

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