Friday, December 22, 2006

This is mellow-fun but requires math. Do not play it with a six-year-old over your shoulder saying "put the number there!"

An interesting twist in perspective from The Onion.

For the romance fans

Slate just reminded me that the annual It's a Wonderful Life airing will be Sunday night... Nay, nay, I must celebrate the last week of our cable with the annual marathon of A Christmas Story. My fiendish plan is to drive everyone else into bed annoyed with it by 11 or so Sunday evening, then, umm, fall asleep on the couch until Santa comes and help him arrange the treats for the family in stockings all over the living room. I'm not usually the last one up, so I will have to chase everyone off to bed to do mom's Christmas-Eve work. In real life, this translates to dozing lightly while watching the marathon, then getting breakfast on early.

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