Wednesday, December 20, 2006

If this article on free will doesn't give you something to think about, you may be closed-minded.

I'm not sure I posted this article on the goodness of the shrooms, so just in case... and they're talking about massively upgrading the warnings on OTC meds today, to go along with the war on cold medicine and the war on pain patients... isn't it time to start rethinking this whole thing?

To the abstinence-only idiots: duh. (You know what was different in the past? If you knocked her up/got knocked up, you were expected to get married. Also, that the teenagers were more likely to hook up with one partner and be stuck with them forever--but that horse has left the barn, folks. Sorry)

Baby Jesus = garden gnome?

I'm amazed I didn't hear about this before, but apparently an Austrian girl was kidnapped and forced to live under someone's garage for eight years. From age ten to age 18--and she said she complained to him that he ignored her. I wonder if he had a tumor. And I hope she can get disability to help her get back to society.

Side note: My Google weather says it's warm and snowing (hey, 32 and going up to 38F is warm here!) in North Pole, but cool (still ten above--I'll check the sign across the road and unplug the car!) and going down to cold (like 10 below, anyway) in Fairbanks. Usually they're identical. This makes no sense.

Some days I feel like there's not enough of me. I didn't sleep--well, only a couple hours. I tried. Couldn't calm my mind enough even to meditate, which can lead to sleep when I am tired. Also, I have been getting angry and misdirecting it--I don't really even know what I'm angry at sometimes, but I am angry because I have trouble standing up for myself at home--if I want to watch a movie or play a game or fuck or have Spirit come to bed to snuggle and fall asleep I can't say anything most of the time. It's getting to me and I can't fix it without getting bitchy. They're shutting our cable off in two weeks (less!), which I found out yesterday because I happened to look at a newspaper, and that's going to make it worse by giving Spirit a reason to be on XBox 24/7. He got on my ass about getting it taken care of, which I had already said I was going to do, by "warning" me that I wouldn't be able to get him to do anything else. WTF can I do, with 12 days until our cable goes to static and having to wait on the apartment complex to secure a new cable? And why can't I explain that tag-teaming in to someone else's game, when I can't even establish a profile on that game and use it to play with someone else, feels totally useless to me, like he'd be better off just playing with the computer and I'm an intruder? Why do I always feel like an intruder in my own life?

I love the M&Ms commercial this time of year. (He IS real... They ARE real!)

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