Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The tenets of Condomism?

From the so-called "liberal media" comes this tripe.

I wanted to work myself into a good rant about the lost liberalism of a media that probably never had any and how this piece illustrates that. But I'm too tired, so a point-by-point comment on a list in the article:

Here are some of the tenets of condomism:

  • Every person capable of giving meaningful consent is entitled to unlimited sexual activity.

  • What's entitlement got to do with it? Biology dictates that sex will happen. Do we (the Condomists, I mean) have to go through individual records to prove that sex happened as long as there have been records (at least), or do you stupid abstinence-only fucks believe that poor nutrition caused that high percentage of children to be born seven months after their parents' marriages? The difference now is that the stigma on sexual activity has dropped so we're not forced into marriages with people with whom we'll have no relationship at all, or a one-sided or forced or abusive relationship, within a couple years (and still be stuck, because the divorce taboo dropped with the sexual revolution, too).

    By the way, this is what happens when people place a high priority on abstinence. It doesn't happen, and the people who have had sex become convinced that they have done something horrible and dirty, and will hide it at any cost.

  • All negative consequences of sexual activity can be controlled through the use of contraception. Sexual Transmitted Diseases can be controlled through the use of condoms. The probability of pregnancy can be eliminated through contraception, properly used.

  • Eliminated? No, but reduced more than abstinence-only programs have managed. Because those programs get the wrong ideas in the heads of young, unmarried people who are, in fact, likely to have sex, and who were almost as likely to go have sex sixty or two hundred years ago, and those who become sexually active do so with no idea how to protect themselves, in the event of sexual activity, leading to higher disease rates and more abortions (or more children left in garages because their mom's can't admit to them).

  • No one is required to give birth to a baby in the event of pregnancy. Abortion, for any reason or no reason, at any time during pregnancy, is an absolute entitlement.

  • Some of us have noticed that making abortion illegal or difficult to get does not reduce the number of abortions significantly. It does, however, increase the risk of women dying of infections after unsafe illegal abortions. It also decreases the risk of fully-formed babies dying, neglected by mothers who can't care for them (emotionally, financially, or otherwise).

  • Any negative consequences of sexual activity that cannot be handled by contraception or abortion are not worth talking about.

  • Anything is worth talking about. Liberals who would silence those who disagree with them aren't worthy of the name. However, we don't feel as though those who express those opinions, promoting ideology over facts, need to be in top policymaking government positions on sexual education and policy.

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