Monday, December 11, 2006

Rant: "Preppie, we just lost our girl to a NERD!"

Why do I watch this show? It's sort of funny, but it portrays the worst in stereotypes and all the reasons I hated (HATED!!) high school. I might find something else, but we get about 20 channels, and I don't feel like finding a DVD every morning.

There would be nothing, I repeat NOTHING, wrong, or even unusual, about the hot head cheerleader going for the geek tutor. Awww, she went more for a guy with brains and a real personality than for the jock or the super-popular class clown with money and a reputation for getting around more work than he does.

(OK, yes, Screech is a giant dork besides being a geek, but only on a show like Saved by the Bell
would all the geeks be giant dorks).

Yeah, I realize this rant is as outdated as SbtB itself, that the hawtness of the geek has been recognized and celebrated now--yet, on Heroes a couple weeks ago, the geeks were still a large group of walking stereotypes.

Then, maybe I'm just jealous, because my school totally lacked a geek subculture, so I didn't fit in with, well, anyone, until college.

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