Wednesday, March 29, 2006

M'love and I were taking fenugreek to smell nice and mapley, but it requires maintenance, so when he left, I went back off, at least for a while. Anyway, this looks like an easier way to smell better from the inside out. Here's where you can buy the rose online, but Spirit may need to try to find the vanilla from Korea.

On beards--Spirit says the military guys have to shave because several would just sport 5 O'Clock shadow all the time if they didn't, but I still think it's silly and panders to fashion over common sense, which isn't what the uniform should be about. Have also heard that it decreases uniformity in the uniforms, makes more difference and makes it easier to pick out a target in a sea of camouflage. This makes more sense to me, but I just want them to let my man grow some manly facial hair 'cause we both like that sort of thing. (Wiki link contains more on the military's justifications). I Googled "History of Beards," because I'm sure fashion if not the laws and uniform codes have required them at various times, and those times seem to have been glossed over in the DI piece, and found an interesting article on the history of bearded babies.


This is awesome if you're in a weird quiet mood. I'm hurting bad today--it feels like a migraine-cum-sinus headache (one more reason I hate people using "cum" in a sexual sense and prefer "come" is the previous usage, so stop giggling). Honestly, it's probably slightly both, more the broken night's sleep combined with Spirit likely hurting from the lack of sleep and projecting it over the miles back to me.

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