Thursday, March 16, 2006

Exactly. Key point for fundies:
To withhold a medicine like this because you think teens will [fail to] postpone sex if they know they're immune to HPV is appalling. First of all, they won't. Second of all, what if a girl remains virgin 'til her wedding night but her husband was wild and though he's now found Jesus and reformed, he has HPV ... does she "deserve" to contract it as well because some blithering idiots completely out of touch with sexuality, teenagers and the modern world have a religious objection to a vaccine? You don't want your daughter protected from HPV, fine, no one *requires* you to innoculate her.

There's a Foamy cartoon up that I hadn't seen

Hapland! (Have fun)

Every geek's wet dream--the Wrist PC

Periodic table--was looking the table up for the kids just yesterday, and this showed up in my regular reading last night

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