Monday, March 27, 2006

Here's my take on this: As long as my personal mores don't inflict on your rights to life, liberty, property, the pursuit of happiness, and all that good stuff, my morality is my own business, whether I keep my beliefs and morals in my own home or put 'em out here or on MySpace for the world to see. It's not your, the website's, or the governm ent's job to believe that (though if my personal mores violate a website's stated beliefs, I don't disagree that they have the right to take it down--me printing graphic defenses of alternative sexual practice on an SBC church's website would be indefensible)

Don't shoot the puppy

who owns the internet

Punishing people in MMOs by crucifixion

OW OW OW no friggin' WAY--Spirit and I got some piercings this weekend, bringing him to 3 and me to 10, but 1016 at once? Even if I understand that, that would put my body into some sort of shock mode for weeks. Please tell me the guy has some recovery time planned.

He's leaving again tomorrow, so this made me cry (rest of site NSFW)

The rest of my readings today have been very NSFW--I have a list of feeds I read off sugasm and blogs that those blogs link to. This ends up meaning that I've often read several of the Sugasm articles each week, but there's always something worth a read there.

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