Sunday, July 09, 2006

Richard Simmons on Who's Line
(AKA, why not to watch funny vids alone on your laptop in a room full of people)
(Warning: GAY AS ALL HELL in the literal sense. Duh.)

Useful tip for searching Google Video

Nice day for a drive?


Things to hate about local TV news

Found this on Reddit, but the warning may be the best part. (note: If you find it on this blog, it just might be offensive. Don't go clickin' my links if you then need warnings about the content). (standard disclaimer, as a hippie liberal I don't agree with a lot of this shit, and find much of it downright offensive. So? If you can't read even what offends you sometimes, you're going to be a pathetic, underinformed individual)

You go, girls

Interesting, but makes assumptions that are not necessary to faith

Why we all need a daily fuck (I was musing this morning that if every adult in the world started the day with a good orgasm, the world would be a far more pleasant place)

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