Sunday, July 09, 2006

The problem with this is that some women "let themselves go" in terms of weight and makeup (in other words, don't live for their fucking looks) from the get-go. This, in other words, is the part I take exception to: "Second, he can't have fun with her even if she was willing, because she now has let herself turn into Kathy Bates." Very funny. Some of us are overweight, don't wear makeup, do wear sweats--today I'm wearing a T Shirt and Jar Jar Binks boxer shorts--and still get more action and have more solid and loving relationships than most Americans. I'd wager I will have more sex in the next 2 weeks than the average US resident will in the next 12 months. And yeah, I dote on my kids. Making marriage and sex work is more about having the same expectations than meeting some arbitrary standard of what a spouse should be for another.

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