Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sleepy/retail therapy

Just veggin' out here--still behind on homework, too damned tired to work on it right now. Wednesdays are tough after I close Tuesdays then wake up early anyway. When Harry Met Sally is on TV, so I've got it on for company. I got Juno and Walk Hard the other day since they had them used at the Shopette. Should've gotten Lars and the Real Girl, too, I guess.

Bought some things today: a game for the kid's birthday (months away, but a good sale, and we only had a couple in stock), a mother's day gift, and some books and activities for the kid's flights. More importantly, I bought the D&D 4th Ed. Core Rulebook Gift Set. It's not out yet for a month, but mine is paid for and will be shipped to me directly. I can't wait!

I hope Spirit gets online soon.

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