Saturday, February 03, 2007

Everyone needs to read this Junkfood Science article on media spin and the creation of "epidemics."

This, too. I'm not fat to look at--on the plump side, but shapely--but I meet the medical definition of "obese" and have been damaged by doctors who refuse to see my problems as anything but weight-related, not to mention my sister, who is visibly obese but who has problems with overheating to the point of passing out on almost any exertion, along with several other medical problems.

I'm feeling pretty rotten this week, so will save the rant on doctors, recognizing that it would come out as an incoherent ramble and might name names that would get me in trouble.

Shout-out to my pagan friends, blessed Imbolc!

Imbolc recipes

This year, the bounty of spring would appear to be pizza, chicken pesto rotini, and a frozen burrito my kid decided he'd rather go to bed than eat. But the idea is there.

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