Thursday, October 12, 2006

Stupid comments, Wii vs PS3 edition

Found in this (CNET News) article: "There are quite a few people out there today who have no idea what Blu-ray is," he said. "But a year after its launch, at around this time next year, more people will start recognizing the added value brought by a Blu-ray player, just as a DVD player function helped the PS2 to a flying start."

Re-he-heally? 'Cause it seems to me that the DVD functionality was valuable and "helped the PS2 get off to a flying start" because we already knew what DVDs were, and even owned some, by the time PS2 was released five years ago. Would the DVD functionality really have done as much for the console ten years ago, when DVDs were relatively novel on the market? (no, seriously--you could still expect to be able to rent every title at Blockbuster on VHS ten years ago, and many of us--OK, our slightly-older and less tech-savvy cousins--were still balking at buying players that would require replacing their whole tape collections, still smarting from having done it with their music--or still clinging desperately to their audiocassettes)

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